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Thursday, 9 June 2011

I loved this way i wore,how's about u?....

You make smile like the sun,
Fall out the bed,
sing like a bird,
Dizzy in head...

Senyum xperlu kata apa

Just two words that i could descibe here im excited and happy

No biggie la kan im just wanna share something with ya'lls nie..
When i wore this clothes for my whole day,im really loved it..
Its makes me happy and smile
Smile by (Uncle Craker)
Senyum by (Najwa ft.Malek)
When i wore this clothes i felt that im really comfort and suitable
If you loved it u never how much and its brand it's right?

On that day
i wore
T-shirt:Armani Exchange(White in color)
Jeans:Levis(Bold Curve)

So,how about you bloggies??
What's u wore that make you really happy or breeze?


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