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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Story Mory Lol

Hey2 dudes..

I have been at Nilai almost 5 days ago its not bad a little bit ok then first semester
I have a lot of good news to say here and shared with all of you.And of cause most of you will know one of them (good news) rite?hihi...Lets me straight to the point,i got 'good' results in first semester.Thanx god actually..In my eyes,my results was ok,but i dont in your perspective rite?just 3.86 only....straight A in all subjects but the differenciate them were A minus and A..I dont wanna to say bad or not,its was only a,i remind myself dont felt youself is better now,because someone is always better than you rite?just wanna be down to earth lol..Just thankful to good for give me a good starting in the prosperity year 2011..spent my times with dia,we do watching movie,bowling and eating a lots on that days..also got a sleeping present(patrick bantal golek n baju tdo baru)....I also celebrate a bufday gurls yesterday...Kinda boring with this entry?me too..but next time i will try post the interesting post okey?daaa

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