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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Love is so expensive

I dont wan you all spent a lot of money on clothes or shoes tonight,but try to spent your money on love.Trust me love is so expensive..Love is universal,its not only love for your

but love to your family,your close friend,and same goes to yourself..Today is 2/1/2010..The 2nd day of 2011 year.Guys,today i keep smile for the whole day and going work for part time at my old work place to replace for my sista because she needs to attend a burried.I just trapped at my room in the morning,so i think y not i give her a help,when she text me to do so.You know why im keeping smile for the whole day?Because i got a called and a 3g called from JP

No pain to love but no gain to be loved

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