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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Im satiesfied with what im done today

Halo to all of you...
How are you guys?come on cikidout my blog were welcomed my dear readers and dont forget to drop your comment and chat..Insyallah i will text u.This only way..:D
Yeah i want say here is,im really satiesfied with what im done today..awwuuu..yeah,i kindda hangout with my pretty frends at the famous place Kb Mall,let me introduce both of them....Thah and Ain..The most important thing is we buy the same t-shirt at Kb Mall(brand of outlets) boutique....Ain was bought a flat slipper,thah bought a vanilla oil perfume and same goes to me also bought it at The Body Shop..cant give a clue how much it is...!!!The last thing we do was 'melantak'at Bapa Ayam Kfc....hahahihih :P

The pictures can show how great my day today...tq

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