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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Currently launched The Fun Page at Fb

Askum to all bloggers...

Yeah...Im as the owner of this blog have been launched the fun page at fb by searched ""..Ths latest checked by me shown the people who like this page only have 4 people after 20 hours launched by me..This page is managed by Bada Syuhada And Syahira Irwanis...Keep it up guys...Im not try to be a famous but im try to be the best blogger in future my dearest.

The one more thing is i want to remind you all about Aff 2010 match that involved by Malaysia team..We dont know which team will beat Malaysia between the match winner Indonesia or Philipines on 26 and 29 December 2010.Lets have fun guys with finale celebration,celebrate in your own ways to show your love to Malaysia team.Till met again guys.